Monday, February 2, 2009

My first non-school-required post to my blog! Today was Joseph's first double digit birthday. I had the hardest time deciding what to get him because what he wanted was exactly what I didn't want him to have, like a new gaming system (WII or XBox or DS). So Allan and I decided to get him a pet because that is the second most requested gift item. When I went to the pet store to look at lizards and snakes I just couldn't make myself even get serious about it. They are repulsive to me right on par with shrunken heads if you know what I mean. So off to the video store to look at gaming systems but again couldn't commit to anything. Tori finally bailed me out by going to a different pet store and picking out a snake for him. It's a very small albino king snake. She held it and looked at it while I hugged the back corner wall which was as far away as I could get. Predicably, the girls really love it and Joe loves it too (yeah) and I have made sure that the lid is weighted down with a myriad of heavy items in Joe's room. I've already informed everyone that if it ever gets loose that I will be checking into a hotel for the duration. Joe wants to know what I'll do if they can't ever find it. I told them I won't ever be back in that case. Anyway, happy birthday Joseph!