Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

So, I can't seem to remember to post the pictures on in reverse order (why do I have to remember that? Because I can't figure out how to move them once they are posted). So, technical difficulties aside...on with the show.
James and Monica
(what you can't see is that they are seriously investigating the variety of pie on James' plate!)
John and Annette

Tyson, haven't seen him in ages and he's looking good!,
Monday, Mike and Emily

Silly cousins! Can't tell you how many pictures like this I have of this group because they are always just a little goofy together.
Luke, Chris, Emily and Kit

Joe and AJ find a quiet corner to play

Silly sisters watching Cinderella. Princesses all.

"I went to Grandma's for thanksgiving and all I got was this small plate of food"
Interesting that a lot of the little kids hardly ate but not to worry, we adults made up for it in a big way.

What the heck is in Kacey's mind in this picture? Visions of sugar plums? Maybe just the food that's in front of her.

One very tired Grandma who insisted that she wanted to do the whole dinner. It was really a great dinner--just like when we were little. Without the pickles. Where were the pickles?
(Just thought of them right now--weird!)

More food prep although I think James just got busted snacking.

On to the Barros' (thankfully not until two days later)
Bryon and Alicia pose bequtifully for the camera.

Not sure who's more tired here: MacKenzie who just saw her Dad for the first time in nearly a month but still didn't want to leave the party or GG who got to have 'Kenzie and Megan live with her for a month.

No words: Just cuteness all over.

Joe gets taken down by the little girls. They were rough!

I think the umpire is right. That WAS a personal foul!

Dad, grandpa and great-grandpa just living in the moment. Seems to be enjoying the commotion all around him.

Megan and MacKenzie

But earlier in the day was the First Ward's Annual Turkey Bowl
Young Men Verses the Men but with a twist this year. There was a Women verses the Young Women game also.
Would you trust these three as umpires?

Kit at the end of the game.

Not sure if he's leading the warm-up or the ward choir.?

Kit at the beginning of the game.

Serious discussion with the ump. Always the judge, both in church and on the playing field.

Always disappointing when the young men's ringer gets injured!

Serious action. Too bad it didn't translate to the score which I won't repeat but let's just say the men won but were moving very very slowly on Sunday. Who really was the winner then?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Trunk or treating at the church. Yummy chili cookoff, trunk-or-treating, costume contests and treats.
Here's who went:
The Mad Scientist! He wouldn't take off the glasses to drive. He was a little scarey with test tubes, scarey hair, thick glasses and a brain in his pocket. Just in case I guess.

I went as Karen-the-Grouch--no costume needed, just the attitude, which I had in spades that night. It was a long and frustrating day searching for costume parts, classes at school that went worse than they should have, and not one but two batches of cornbread that went really, really wrong somehow.

Joseph was a very serious and believable Secret Service Agent. Many criminals were handcuffed that night but no arrests were made.

He had the badge, earpiece (let's hear it for all those broken earphones and computer parts), and handcuffs but once the shades went on it was all business. This is probably his favorite costume he's ever had and for me, the easiest. He really did look sharp.

Kit and her friend Paige. Not sure what they were except teenagers who wanted to trunk or treat with the rest of the kids so they threw on costumes.

Kit and Joe decorated the front of the house for Halloween, no pictures though. They did a really great job with tombstones all over and body parts and rats and a very scarey demon front door cover that scared me every time I walked by it in the night.

Friday, August 7, 2009

What I Did For My Summer Vacation...

Visited brothers and killed each other Halo style.

Got reaquainted with grandbabies and had a couple good chats.

Were amazed at the difference a month makes in a

baby's life.

Stopped at the MTC parking lot for a familiy picture.

Said goodbye to new friends.

Hanging out and being tough before saying godbye .

Checking out the orders and rules for the new digs.

So maybe we weren't so tough but it was nice to see that these two

"non-huggers" really can hug!

We walked where prophets of the restoration walked.

And sat in the sacred rooms where they taught.

Joseph in the School of the Prophets.

And saw sacred temples that didn't feel so sacred any more.
Kirtland Temple

Sat in the room where the Savior appeared and

the fullness of the gospel was revealed to mortal man.

Visited the Johnson farm---a beautiful and large home even by today's standards

Had noodle wars with beloved siblings.

Hung out with in-laws and out-laws.

Met a new grandbaby and fell in love with him.

He wasn't so sure about us though!

Visited a very cool (or HOT) glass factory.

There was glass everywhere but we were warned not to touch anything as it could still be several hundred degrees in temperature. Pretty effective theft control.

Uncle Joe at his best: feeding and burping Payton. Did we ever doubt Joe has a talent in this area?

We got to see Payton get blessed in his Mr. Fancy-Pants outfit. He wasn't as interested in the procedings as we were.

Here's a happy family.

Posing with the whole crew.

We crosed rivers....

and more rivers...

And drove through state....

after state....

for miles and miles...

Through storm...

after storm...

after storm...

And finally we arrived home. Just in time for uncles, aunts and cousins to come play.

Took a ride on the cousin massage train.

Swam in the Kings river and yes, the water really does come from bottom of the lake---FREEZING!!!

Decided a camping trip to the beach was preferable to a hiking trip in the mountains.

Well, the kids decided. They were probably right.

Got treated to a yummy (and ginormous!) lunch at Fat Cat's--One of grandma and Grandpa's favorite seaside restauants.

We enjoyed a beautiful day or two at the beach.

Two of our very favorite beach bunnies!

Watched James and Steve catch wave after wave...

And watched a few waves catch James and Steve!

Leaving the very cold ocean for the warm (hot!) sand.

What a great summer filled with lots of traveling to states far and wide and lots of people and family to see. And just when the traveling was too much, family came to visit us! That was a real treat and so much fun. It was really the perfect summer and now we all start back to school on monday and for the first time in a long time, everyone is looking forward to classes and new friends and old friends. Thank you all who put up with our visits and all who visited us.
We love you all and feel so blessed to have you in our lives.