Friday, November 13, 2009

Trunk or treating at the church. Yummy chili cookoff, trunk-or-treating, costume contests and treats.
Here's who went:
The Mad Scientist! He wouldn't take off the glasses to drive. He was a little scarey with test tubes, scarey hair, thick glasses and a brain in his pocket. Just in case I guess.

I went as Karen-the-Grouch--no costume needed, just the attitude, which I had in spades that night. It was a long and frustrating day searching for costume parts, classes at school that went worse than they should have, and not one but two batches of cornbread that went really, really wrong somehow.

Joseph was a very serious and believable Secret Service Agent. Many criminals were handcuffed that night but no arrests were made.

He had the badge, earpiece (let's hear it for all those broken earphones and computer parts), and handcuffs but once the shades went on it was all business. This is probably his favorite costume he's ever had and for me, the easiest. He really did look sharp.

Kit and her friend Paige. Not sure what they were except teenagers who wanted to trunk or treat with the rest of the kids so they threw on costumes.

Kit and Joe decorated the front of the house for Halloween, no pictures though. They did a really great job with tombstones all over and body parts and rats and a very scarey demon front door cover that scared me every time I walked by it in the night.


Gina said...

Not bad only 3 months. School giving you a break I hope. Love the costumes. Joe sure did play the part real well maybe he has a future in that?

Sarah said...

Alan's hair is pretty much amazing. How long did it take him to grow it out? ;)

Kristen Moss said...

Fun. Great Costumes. I am glad that allen dressed up. He is the bishop right? Our bishop didnt dress up for our trunk or treat. I was pretty disapointed.