Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last month I went to the city/county tournament for elementary school wrestling. Wow! Some of those kids are in the 55 lb weight class and looked like little stick figures wrestling and some of them in the 175+ looked like sumo wrestlers. It was so much fun. Joe wrestled twice-was pinned the first time in the second round and pinned his guy in the second match. He's funny because he cried when he was pinned and then nearly cried when he pinned the second guy. He kept saying, "I feel so bad, he's was so nice." The lesson--don't make friends with your opponent before the match! They talked for about 20 minutes while they waited to wrestle. But that's Joe isn't it: He wins hard and loses hard.

So, click eye of the tiger and then enjoy the show!


Kacey Kate said...

you know, i'm now even scaredier to come home and see that boy... he's going to pin me.

Tara said...

Way to go Joe!

Brandon said...

Great Job Man!!!