Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today I realized my life lately has been all about waiting and learning patience. A hard lesson because it's definitely NOT my strong suit.

We are waiting anxiously for Chicken Broth to be born to be followed closely by Beef Stew. These two babies are seriously loved and wanted and I can't figured out what would take them sooooo long to join the fun. Okay, so they're not due for several weeks, someone should tell them grandma has candy for them if they can come just a little early!

We are also waiting to hear about Brandon's law school applications and what their decision will be. We are waiting to know if Dustin will have an intership this summer or if he will go to school instead and then graduate and get a job. These kinds of waiting are hard just because we know it's exciting and scary for them. My knees are getting calloused. It's good I guess.

We are waiting to hear about Michayla's mission call. I know it's only been four days since she turned her papers in but once the deed was done, things got seriously exciting and fun. No more decisions to make, only waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

We are waiting to know where Tori will decide to go to college next year. She has maybe too many choices but has been seriously trying to pray before deciding finally on any one college. So exciting to see her grow up and away. And a little sad too.

The thing I have the hardest time with with all this waiting is that none of these decisions are in my control. I am basically an observer into the lives of these young adults and although I am emotionally invested in the outcome, I don't have a say in what, where or when things will happen. I like this and don't like this all at the same time. The responsibility is gone but the worry and concern is still there.


Unknown said...

Don't worry. We have been bribing little man.

Trina said...

I just happened to get on your blog through Kit's. I really miss talking to you and seeing you. Sounds like your life will get real exciting soon-babies and another missionary! I didn't realize that Mikayla had sent in her mission papers! So cool! Let me know when she finds out. How is your busy life? How is school? If you are ever bored (yea-right!) stop by and say hi!

Trina said...

oops-I just realized that I spelled Michayla's name wrong-so sorry!

Deidra Smith said...

Congrats Grandma!!! I just checked in at Dustin and Tara's blog and saw the happy news. Hope you have fun being a grandma. I hear it's lots of fun. . . . just the fun parts, not all the yucky disciplining business:)