Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is there nothing I won't complain about?

So I've started a new semester that is proving to be easier than any I've experienced in a long long while and....

I'm so bored!!! I wish I had taken more units but last semester still had me twitching when I signed up for this year that I couldn't force myself to even think beyond these few credits. Now all the classes are full and I'm stuck with my easy schedule that gets me only slightly closer to the end. Auggghhhh!!!

So, I complained literally nonstop last semester because I thought I was going to die with study and homework and classwork. I even found myself complaining to strangers I got so crazy. I gave up so many activities with the family and so many weekends and nights to study and it turned out okay. Well, better than good. I got the required A's in all my classes and so I'm still eligible for the Fresno State program but it wasn't without a fairly high cost. I thought I would be so happy with a lighter schedule but now I'm bored and find myself complaining about not enough to do. Maybe I should have my head examined.


Sarah said...

Come to visit! Come to visit! I'll put you to work lol. Boredom can be super hard, I understand! Time for you to have another baby. That'll solve everything (right now yo'ure remembering how much you love me, right?)

:) :) :)

DeAnn said...

Hey Karen, Is it not funny how we can never be pleased. It is too hot too cold, too wet, too dry. I think people in general are so funny . How close are you to your goal? I am so impressed with all that you accomplish. Enjoy your easy semester. You may get some tough ones again.Love ya ,deann

Tara said...

That's funny :)
hmmm...more time to sew barbie clothes maybe?

Kristen Moss said...

I saw a quote the other day that said "the more we complain, the longer God keeps us here."

I was having trouble deciding if this was a good thing or not!!


Good luck, enjoy the easiness, sew something.